A bit about us…..

We are the creative directors behind Lifes A Hamper. We design beautiful, eye catching gift hampers and love specialising in gourmet food and wine hampers, corporate hampers and health and wellness hampers. We are based in Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches, and are lucky to be surrounded by the ‘Forest District’ with spectacular bushland! As an added bonus, we are fortunate enough to have some of the best beaches around. We are blessed with fresh produce as well as amazing cafes and restaurants, to happily keep our taste buds busy. We think it’s safe to say that we really enjoy our job and the environment we are surrounded by.

How Lifes A Hamper Began...

We love gourmet foods, wine and champagne. We have the right balance of organic healthy eating and exercise, with a good mix of eating chocolates and biscuits (if that exists!).

That's why creating our joy, Lifes A Hamper, was simple.

We love gifts, who doesn't? More importantly we LOVE to give others the experience of how amazing it feels, to receive a gift. But not just an ordinary gift. Hampers, that are different. Hampers that have been thoughtfully crafted and styled, that contain products and foods that will be used and eaten (not forgotten and thrown out), and most importantly packed with lots of love and care. We want to have a hamper for every occasion and everyone!

Why we love our job...

We get asked “So, what's the best part of your job?” It's pretty simple really. It gives us a chance to be creative. We love putting together new and exciting hampers for our customers (you never know what someone will ask you to create). We love the fact that over time customers keep coming back and reordering, forming relationships with them is so rewarding. It’s like making new friends! We love hearing about how surprised and excited their recipient was in opening their hamper. It's a great feeling knowing that we can take the hard work out of finding the right gift for someone and help put a smile on someone's face. It's incredibly rewarding. We truly love what we do and hope that you are able to see that through the hampers that we have created for you.

Our favourite hampers...

Of the hampers created, one of our favourite hampers available on our website would have to be our Sweet Chocolate and Biscuit Hamper. We can never resist eating these delicious cookies with a cup of tea or coffee. From our wellness range we can't go past our Wellness Hamper . This has by far the best assortment of indulgent delights and organic nibbles to keep you going at any time of the day. A best seller for us!

We strive to always give exceptional customer service. We are always here to help! If you're unsure about any of our products please contact us. Trust us, we have tasted every single product we stock and have happily sipped every wine and champagne we have to offer. So giving you feedback or helping you decide which hamper to select, would be our pleasure. We will go above and beyond to make sure each of our customers are happy and confident in their choice of hamper. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, fear not. We are amazing at creating custom orders and would be more than happy to help you out with any request you may have.

Whether our customers are ordering 1 hamper or 100 hampers, we remain true to ourselves in delivering the best possible gift experience for you and your recipient. Our quality and eye for detail while creating your hampers will never change.

We have so many more new and exciting hampers coming your way, so hang tight. We are sure you will love what's coming your way.

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