Corporate Gift Giving Is Serious Business


When it comes to corporate gifting solutions, Lifes A Hamper guarantees to make your corporate hamper selections stress free and easy throughout the year with a wide range of corporate hampers to choose from that are delivered Australia wide.

In today's world, companies whether large in scale or a local small business, are noticing the growing trend in corporate gifting and the importance we place on it.

You could have the responsibility on behalf of your company to choose your clients gifts or to look for a way to thank your team members. It can become quite overwhelming as it is important to get it right.

So why is corporate gifting important and why should it be part or your companies corporate culture?

Corporate gifting for clients, service providers and partners is a great relationship building tool and can benefit your company in many ways. It can help in keeping your clients happy and interested in your company and most importantly feel valued. Corporate gifting also helps affirm relationships, enhance personal connections and has the ability to generate more business for your company.

However, corporate hampers aren't just for existing clients. Sending a hamper is also a great way to welcome new and potential clients. It will allow them to see the importance and value they will have with your company for future business dealings.

Don't forget your staff!

It's also essential not to forget the most important assets to your company.

Your employees!

Take it as your initiative to reward and motivate them. But when is a good time to recognise your colleagues or business partners contributions to the company?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, arrival of a new baby or milestones achieved within the company are all times were it is appropriate for management to show employees their worth within the company. It also helps them feel connected, encouraged and a part of the team.

So, if you have been given the task of buying a gift for people within your work environment or a company wide gift, its safest to keep your choice of gift the same for everyone. That's why we created our Office Share Hampers, bursting with luxury gourmet treats that can be enjoyed by the whole office or team. 

Our Wine Duo Office Share Hamper will be loved by the entire team and is the perfect way for you to show appreciation for everyone's hard work and efforts. 

Or why not celebrate with our Chandon Office Share Hamper by popping open a bottle of bubbly and feast on all the delicious accompaniments. 

The Importance of Company Branding.

Corporate gifting is also a great way to strengthen your brands image when sending clients a hamper of appreciation. It is acceptable to do so in the form of self branding - as long as it is done tastefully. This can be just as important as the gift itself. Keep in mind its your gift that carries your companies brand/image and reputation, so it becomes all the more important in having your gift presented with style and class.

We never compromise on the presentation of your corporate gifts. For this reason, we have the option for you to tastefully customise and brand your companies name/logo onto our signature black magnetic boxes and gift cards. Please see our Corporate Section on our Website for any further information that you may require. 

Personalised hampers with vinyl decal lettering

How can we help make this simple for you?

Here are some hamper ideas for corporate gift giving or incentive/reward programs for staff that we think may help make choosing a hamper easier for you.

Take a look through our elegant Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers which have a variety of wine options available. Get some inspiration from our Red and White Wine Hamper.

Help celebrate in the office or with clients with our Champagne Hampers. It's hard to go past our Moet and Chandon Champagne Hamper

We can't forget those who enjoy a glass of Scotch or whiskey. Our Taste of Whisky Hamper is just one of the options available.

Whisky hampers make a great corporate gift. These can be customised with your favourite scotch.

If the choice of alcohol is beer, then be sure you will impress with our International Beers Hamper or our Craft Beer Hamper. Our beer hampers have the perfect accompaniments that can be enjoyed with a cold beer. 

If you prefer not to send alcohol hampers as a corporate gift, take a look at our range of fine gourmet and  artisan Hampers. These hampers prove to be very popular with corporates and are perfect for the holiday season. Food can be taken home and enjoyed with friends and family. See our Mini Moet and Chandon Surprise Hamper or Gourmet Entertainer Hamper. They will delight any food connoisseur.

Settlement hampers are also very  popular with real estate agents and property developers. A great way to welcome or congratulate new home buyers with some of our hampers from our Home and Settlement Hamper range. 

Our Promise to You.

Our aim at Lifes A Hamper is to provide you, our customer, with the right information and to help you along the way so that you can confidently choose the right hamper that is presented perfectly for your clients. We are happy and able to accommodate any specific requests you may have. It could be a different bottle of alcohol or adding a few different items into your hampers. This is what we love and do best!

We will make your corporate gift experience successful and we value you as a customer. We are always available to speak with, and can't wait to start creating some quality corporate hampers for you and your company.

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