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Why our wine hampers make the perfect Christmas Gift?

As we draw nearer to Christmas, we find our diaries busy with social get-togethers, dinners, drinks and entertaining. We all know that a great guest never shows up empty handed. A great alternative to the traditional bottle of wine given to the hosts is to present them with a Wine Gift Hamper instead. It has such a “wow” factor and shows that you have put thought into their gift, making yourself a guest to remember.

We thought we would give you a little insight about all our wonderful wines which you may come across in our Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers and hopefully provide you some ease when choosing your perfect wine gift.

Jamiesons Run, Billy’s Shadow Shiraz 2018

This Shiraz is sourced from South Eastern Australia and delivers exceptional flavour. It's pleasantly easy to drink and considering it’s classified as a dry wine, it’s extremely smooth. It’s a  full bodied wine which shows hints of a spicy complexity and sweet red berry and plummy fruit flavours on the palate. This red wine is paired perfectly with beef, lamb, game or poultry.

Some of our Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers which include a bottle of Billy’s Shadow are:

  • Celebrate with Shiraz Hamper
  • Drop of Red Wine Hamper
  • Entertain with Red Wine Hamper

Silver Moki, Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This delightful wine is produced in New Zealand's cool Marlborough region, where the grapes thrive especially well. Sauvignon Blanc grapes varies in its style and flavour and are most famously found in New Zealand and France. Silver Moki is a true reflection of this with it’s fresh aroma and grassy, herbal flavors. It's a refreshing white wine filled with crisp tropical fruit flavors followed by gooseberry tones. This wine best compliments shellfish, vegetarian dishes and goat’s cheese.

You can find a bottle of Silver Moki in a range of our Gourmet Food and Wine hampers. Some of these wine hampers are:

  • Silver Moki White Wine Hamper
  • Drop of White Wine Hamper
  • Entertain with White Wine Hamper
  • Red and White Wine Hamper

Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Shiraz 2017

This medium bodied Shiraz comes from the cool Coonawarra Estate in South Australia, which is known for its extraordinarily high quality grapes grown in nearly ideal growing conditions. Terra Rosa soil, known for its red color, provides the ideal ground in producing a successful wine. This Shiraz has a flavor combination of attractive dark fruits of cherry and raspberry, and a floral, peppery aroma. This Shiraz is best enjoyed with beef, lamb,game or poultry. 

A bottle of Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz can be enjoyed in the following Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers, or simply added as an upgrade to any of our wines.

  • Wynns Coonawarra Red Wine Hamper
  • Gourmet Red Wine Hamper

Sidewood, Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2018

This sustainably grown, single vineyard wine is handcrafted in the Adelaide Hills, Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia. Sidewoods award winning Sauvignon Blanc is dry with bold flavours of lychee, green apple, passionfruit and lemon peel, all balanced to create a stand out length of flavour. It’s an added bonus of being gluten free and vegan friendly. A versatile wine that can be enjoyed with seafood, vegetarian dishes, game and spicy asian cuisine.

Our Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers which include a bottle of Sidewood are:

  • Sidewood White Wine Hamper
  • Gourmet White Wine Hamper

Or simply upgrade any of our wines in our existing hampers to Sidewood Sauvignon Blanc.

Cookoothama, Darling Point Chardonnay 2016

This Chardonnay is from the Nugan Estate, which is situated on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in South Eastern Australia.The Chardonnay grape itself doesn't exactly have a specific taste. The aroma and flavour is formed from the region it is grown in, therefore can taste significantly different depending on where it's grown. Cookoothama Chardonnay has an appealing creamy aroma of peach, melon, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanillin spice. This award winning, crisp Chardonnay, with a dry finish, is enjoyed with pork, vegetarian dishes, poultry and rich seafood such as salmon and tuna.

You can add a bottle of Cookoothama Chardonnay in any of our hampers or find it in the following Gourmet Food and Wine hampers:

  • Celebrate with Chardonnay Hamper
  • Treats with Chardonnay Hamper

Angove, Organic Shiraz Cabernet 2018

Angove Family wine makers have their own organically certified Nanya Vineyards and also source from certified organic growers in the Riverland region in South Australia. They strongly believe in protecting and preserving our natural environment. This award winning certified organic Shiraz Cabernet is handcrafted, estate bottled and is vegan friendly with minimal preservatives. This wine displays an intensity of dark berry fruit aromas of plum and black cherries. With a hint of spice, this red has a soft earthy finish. The perfect food pairing is beef, lamb or poultry. Angoves Organic Shiraz Cabernet can be found in the following Organic Hampers:

  • Organic Red Wine hamper
  • Organic Red and White Wine Hamper
  • Organic Red Wine and Chocolate Hamper
  • Relaxation Hamper with Organic Red Wine
  • Organic Red Wine Pamper Hamper

Angove Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Coming from the same Angove wine makers family, you can be assured you will still get the same quality of organic grapes in this fresh Organic Sauvignon Blanc. It has hues of soft green and pale straw. Bursting with tropical fruit aromas of citrus, guava, passionfruit and delicate herbal notes. Angoves Organic Sauvignon Blanc has a clean, fresh finish which is vegan friendly, made with minimal preservatives, hand crafted and estate bottled.

Enjoy this white wine in the following Organic hampers:

  • Organic White Wine Hamper
  • Organic White Wine and Chocolate Hamper
  • Organic Red and White Wine Hamper
  • Organic White Wine Pamper Hamper
  • Relaxation Hamper with Organic White Wine

Remember, any of our wines can be substituted into any of our existing hampers or we can custom a special wine hamper just for you and deliver it Australia wide.

The choice of wine hampers are endless. We hope you have a better understanding of the wines we choose to stock, making your decision easier. You will be appreciated by your hosts when you present one of our gorgeous wine hampers.

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