How to Hold a Great Virtual Office Celebration

Show Your Appreciation And Thanks to Staff and Clients By Celebrating 2020 With The Best Virtual Christmas Party.

Sure, Christmas may look a little different this year, but just because social distancing rules are in place with limitations on group parties and an increase in staff working remotely from home, doesn't mean you need to give up on the idea of having a staff Christmas party.

Involve all your colleagues, staff and remote employees in the festivities of Christmas by getting everyone on screen and celebrate with a virtual Christmas celebration.

Sharing food, nibbles and a glass of wine or bubbles plays a big part in most staff Christmas parties. Your virtual party shouldn't be any different.

Simply send out one of our Christmas gift hampers from and have everyone open their Christmas gift boxes together via your virtual Christmas party. Your team can toast to a happy and safe Christmas with a glass of their wine and indulge in all the Christmas treats included in their Christmas hamper as a team!

So, start to get organised with these simple steps:

  • Send out your invitations or e-cards to all staff members.
  • Choose your favourite Christmas hamper.
  • Choose your delivery date.
  • Complete our bulk order form to streamline your ordering for a faster, easier process.
  • Sit back and let us deliver your Christmas hampers for you.

Here is a selection of our popular Christmas Hampers ideal for your virtual office party.

Festive Treats with Organic Red 

Festive Treats with Organic Red Wine

Festive Treats with Bin 555

Festive Treats with Bin 555

Sweet Treats Christmas Hamper

Sweet Treats Christmas Hamper

Red wine Christmas Hamper

Red Wine Christmas Hamper

See our full Christmas Gift Hamper range online at or alternatively contact us at  should you need your Christmas gift hampers customised.  

With a little planning you can say “thank you” and wish your staff a Merry Christmas by sending  one of our Christmas gift boxes to each person, making your virtual Christmas party fun, memorable and one everyone will enjoy being a part of.

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