Importance of Boosting Staff Morale

Need a gift hamper delivered Australia wide to help boost staff morale and show recognition to your employees? We can help you out!

It would be fair to say that the past few months have been challenging and have impacted everyone in some way or another. Whether it’s added stress due to working from home, finances or even feeling disconnected socially and professionally from your workplace. In light of these unprecedented times, now's the right time to implement or re-fresh a workplace reward and recognition program to help motivate, support, inspire and acknowledge staff with a thoughtful gesture.

As businesses start to introduce the return to work, keep in mind that working from the changed environment of the office to home has been stressful for some. Working from home in an environment alongside other family members, in a not so suitable working space, not only negatively affects staffs sense of belonging, but brings uncertainty about their performance, productivity and progress. This in return affects staff motivation, attitude, confidence and job satisfaction, all of which can negatively impact your business. So, as a business owner or manager, take this moment to acknowledge and thank your staff for their focus and commitment during these difficult times. Delivering one of our uplifting gift hampers will help show you understand and appreciate your employees.

Drop of Organic Red Wine Hamper

A rewards and recognition program plays an essential role for driving productivity at any workplace. It will encourage your employees to put in extra effort and time, resulting in you getting the best from your staff. Knowing their efforts won't go unnoticed, employees will feel appreciated that management is aware and have noticed the extra work being done and in return will certainly boost their work productivity, with an increase in your business outcomes.

It’s important to recognise things such as:

* Staying back after working hours

* Working tirelessly on a work project with stressful deadlines

* Loyalty and consistency  

* Provides value to the team

* Strives to continue to learn and grow within the business

* Shows great leadership skills

Rewarding staff also allows for their colleagues to notice the achievements made and will also help motivate them to strive to be the best they can be.

One very important thing to remember is when wanting to thank staff and reward excellent performance, show it instantly or stagger your rewards throughout the year, rather than only showing recognition at the predicted end of the year. Be consistent and see the positive impact having a rewards and recognition program can have within your company.

We ensure all our gift hampers are personal and relevant to your employee, making the reward even more special and meaningful.

Do they love red wine or white wine?

Our popular Gourmet Food and Wine gift hampers are created with a premium range of red and white wines. We can also include custom wine choices in any of our gift hampers. Just ask us!

Some of our popular choices for an appreciation gift by our customers are our Drop of Pinot Grigio Hamper and our Entertain With Red Wine Hamper.

Are they a sweet tooth or do they prefer something savoury?

We have an indulgent range of sweet gift hampers ideal for someone who loves all things chocolate, or savoury for those who prefer a salty treat. 

Our Chocolate Box Hamper and Deliciously Sweet Chocolate Hamper are loved by all and are extremely popular. For those with a savoury taste bud, you can't go past our Savoury Treats Hamper.

Do you know if your staff member has any dietary requirements, like being gluten intolerant or prefers organic treats?

Impress your employee with one of our gift hampers from our Wellness range, which caters for many different dietary choices. Our clients can't seem to get enough of our Drop of Organic Red Wine Hamper and or Our Dairy And Gluten Free Hamper.

Has the whole team shown outstanding work?

Our Team Celebration gift hampers will be perfect to share amongst the office.

Celebrate within your office and reward staff with either our Premium Wine Duo Team Celebration Hamper or our Chandon Team Celebration Hamper.

You don’t only need to treat your employees for doing a great job, remembering employee birthdays, their work anniversaries or congratulate staff on welcoming a new baby to the family will help build workplace relationships between management and their teams and also help with overall job satisfaction.

We are always delighted to help when needing to choose the right gift hamper for your staff and welcome assisting you in providing a happy, thriving workplace gifting experience for all your employees.

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