It's a cracker

Our gift hampers include a variety of different crackers that will inspire you to try a more creative way in entertaining...

Crackers are a crispy snack most people have lying around at home. But if you're lucky enough to receive one of our wellness hampers or gourmet food and wine hampers, you may find yourself with a packet of Kitz Living Foods Italian Herb and Garlic Crackers or some Bath Ovals and Fig, Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers from The Fine Cheese Co.

When it comes to entertaining, finding crowd pleasing appetisers can be challenging and time consuming. Transform your crackers into surprisingly sophisticated bites that are an endless customisable treat for a quick lunch, snack or for some fancy looking horderves for your guests next time you are entertaining, that will have everyone talking.

Entertaining with crackers doesn't need to be boring, so let's get inspired and have some fun in creating the perfect flavour combination with crackers.

Kitz Living Foods Italian herb and garlic crackers are made with organic ingredients and activated seeds, mixed with delicious Italian herbs. These flat, herby squares are so much more than your regular cracker, and when topped with a few different ingredients, will make for some amazing looking appetisers or a quick healthy lunch.

Kitz crackers

Swiss BLT Twist

Open a packet of your Kitz crackers. Smear on some avocado then stack high with layers of swiss cheese, Romaine lettuce, sliced tomato and some crispy bacon!

Mini Pizzas

Who doesn't love pizza? We love using our Kitz crackers for our take on a low carb bite size pizza, perfect for entertaining. These Italian herb and garlic crackers make for a super healthy base. Simply use your favourite tomato/pizza sauce, sprinkle some shredded Mozzarella and add any choice of pizza toppings. Lightly grill until the cheese has melted. Finish with fresh basil. Delicious!


Bruschetta is a classic Italian antipasto that is fresh, healthy and easy to prepare. We use our Kitz Italian herb and garlic crackers as a base instead of using traditional bread. This saves us from needing to toast the bread and season it with garlic, as Kitz crackers are already packed with herbs and garlic flavours. Simply dice fresh ripe tomatoes, some finely chopped spanish onion, fresh basil and mix with good quality EVO, salt and pepper.

These seeded crackers work just as well with fresh avocado, sprouts and freshly cracked pepper.

Kitz crackers with avocado and sprouts

You will love whipping these up for a healthy lunch or to surprise your guests at your next function with these delicious appetisers.

The Fine Cheese Co crackers can be found in our gourmet food hampers. The Fig, Honey and Extra Virgin Olive Oil crackers will stand out on any cheese board with their distinct hexagon shape.

Fine cheese company crackers

These artisan crackers have a subtle sweet honey scent and are made with real fig puree. Create a stunning cheese board by pairing these with any ewe’s milk cheese, Manchego or soft blue cheeses. Scatter cut fresh figs or add a fig chutney for a delicious combination that will delight your guests.

For a sweet starter, discover how crackers don’t always need to be topped with savoury ingredients.Try this mouth watering combination.

Spread some goats cheese onto your Fig, honey and extra virgin olive oil crackers. Cut fresh figs into wedges and place on top of cheese. Just before serving, drizzle with honey and add a sprinkle of sea salt ( the salt cuts through the sweetness). Your finished result will be amazing, eye catching and delicious. You and your guests will struggle to stop at one!

Another gourmet cracker from the Fine Cheese Co are the large, crisp, all butter Bath Ovals.They are like no other cracker that will look impressive next to any artisan cheese.

For a more gourmet take, use your Bath Ovals as a light meal or a satisfying snack topped with your favourite combinations. Try these with a spread of soft creamy cheese, smoked salmon and rocket. The options for these super sized crackers are endless. See how creative you can get!

Fine Cheese Company Bath Ovals

So, whether you love to entertain, or simply just love eating crackers, we hope you can take a few inspirational ideas to transform your crackers into more than just a flat, crispy snack and into a delicious canvas for all your favourite topping.


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