Our 2020 Gift Guide to the best Father's Day Hampers for the perfect dad.

Find the perfect gift for dad this year with our exciting NEW range of Father’s Day gift hampers ready to be delivered Australia Wide.

Father's Day is approaching and now is the time to start thinking about how you're going to spoil dad on Father’s Day.

Whether you call him dad, pop, pa or father, there are so many different types of dads out there… new dads, old dads, step dads, dad-in laws, granddads, funny dads, serious dads, loveable dads….. they are all unique and special in their own way. 

We have a great range of memorable Father’s Day gifts that can all be personalised and customised to suit your dads style and personality, making Father’s Day 2020 extra special.

Father’s Day gifts for dads who love beer!

Dad’s make sure we have the necessary tools in life to succeed and be the best we can be. Show your dad how much he has influenced your life by spoiling him with a beer hamper.

Whether he enjoys Australian beers, Craft or International beers, our selection of Beer Gift Hampers are all available for dad this Father’s Day. Popular choices include our Craft Beer and Bites Hamper and our Ultimate Australian Beer Hamper.

Can’t see dad's favourite beer? Simply contact us at sales@lifesahamper.com.au and our friendly staff can help create him a personalised and customised Father’s Day Beer Hamper with all his preferred bottled or canned beers.

All our gift hampers come in a stylish black, magnetic close gift box, with delicious premium beer snacks. Why not choose something a little different this year and send our fun 4 Pines Beer and Socks Gift Hamper?

Beer and Socks Hamper

Dad’s who like Scotch, Whisky or Bourbon!

Knowing the difference between a scotch, whisky and bourbon can be confusing. Choose the right drink for dad this Father’s Day with our new extended range of Scotch, Whisky, Spirit and Beer Hampers.

The main difference between a Scotch, Whisky and Bourbon is where it's made and it’s ingredients. Scotch is a Whisky made in Scotland and originally made from malted barley. Dad will love our NEW Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky Hamper or our classic Jack Daniel’s Hamper.

Bourbon is a Whiskey made in the USA and is distilled from corn. Dad’s who prefer bourbon will be thrilled this Father’s day with our new Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey and Snacks Hamper.

Jim Beam Bourbon and Snacks Gift Hamper

Yes, there are many other smaller differences within these drinks, but hopefully this helps in the main understanding and you can now impress dad with a spectacular gift hamper delivered straight to his door.

Dad’s who enjoy drinking spirits!

Dads always offer wise advice on life and help guide us with a strong hand of support. If you know your dad prefers to unwind with a Gin and Tonic or a neat Vodka, see our selection of pre-created gifts under our Scotch, Whisky, Spirit and Beers Hamper range.

If we don’t have a hamper with your dad’s favourite spirit, contact us either via our friendly Live Chat on our website www.lifesahamper.com.au or email us at sales@lifesahamper.com.au to customise a Father’s Day gift hamper with your specific request.

It can be quite difficult to sum up your thoughts about your dad in just a few words, but receiving a Father’s Day gift box filled with dad's favourite things will speak volumes in itself.

Our traditional Gourmet Food and Wine Hampers are still as popular as ever during Father’s Day, with our Drop of Shiraz Hamper being a popular go to gift. 

Red Wine gift hamper making a great Father's Day Gift

But if dad prefers no alcohol, take a look through our Alcoholic Free Hampers for some inspiration. We have many great options from our NEW Men's Snack Hamper or indulge his sweet tooth with one of our decadent chocolate hampers such as the Deliciously Sweet Chocolate Hamper.

Having a gift basket delivered to your dad, especially if you don’t live close to each other, is the ideal way to bring joy and put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day. Even though you may not be able to be there in person and give dad a loving hug, the surprise of receiving a Father’s Day gift hamper will make him feel appreciated, loved and brighten up his day.

Be assured that every Father’s Day hamper ordered from Lifes A Hamper will be packed with style and attention to detail, making your gift to dad perfect in every way. Whether you choose a pre-created Father’s Day gift box or have decided to customise your dad’s hamper, we guarantee a super fast dispatch on all our gift hampers and an easy ordering process. Our response time to your questions are answered promptly and we will help you in any way possible to ensure a seamless experience with us. 

We have a number of delivery options available to you, including standard courier and express shipping. If you find yourself a little busy and left ordering your Father’s day gift a tad late, we have the option of a same day delivery service to all our Sydney Metro recipients.

We are here to help make your Father’s day 2020 a day to remember and for you to truly show dad how special and inspirational he is to you.

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