A Lifes A Hamper Get Well gift hamper is a perfect way to lift spirits and brighten their day while recovering from illness or surgery.

Everyone needs a little attention when feeling unwell or a boost in spirits when recovering. Whether they are family members, friends or colleagues, a get well gift hamper is the ideal way to show care and support while providing them comfort while they get back on their feet.

The recovery process from an illness or injury can be a difficult time, and with it comes physical and emotional challenges. During this time sending a get well gift box is a wonderful way to send well wishes and words of encouragement.

Let’s explore some of our modern self care gift boxes and get well hampers and the positive impact choosing a Lifes A Hamper gift will have on your recipient. 

Consider you recipients situation 

It is important to acknowledge that everyone's experience is different, and people may cope with their illness or recovery journey in various ways. Your get well gift of choice should provide support and convey positivity for your recipient and their situation.

HOSPITAL RECOVERY - Hospital stays can be stressful and uncomfortable. An extended stay can lead to feelings of isolation from family and friends leading to sadness, loneliness and boredom.

Hospital Hampers are carefully designed to cater for all patients. Our Men’s Get Well Soon Hamper or our Speedy Recovery Hamper are extremely popular hamper choices in that they provide both comfort and a much needed distraction. Both hampers include a mixed puzzle book to help pass some time, and a pair of soft, sherpa lined bed socks. Our Speedy Recovery Hamper also includes some healthy snacks and a calming Aromatherapy Pulse Point. Men will also appreciate the sweet treats found in our Men’s Get Well Soon Hamper for that added pick me up.

Mens Get well soon hamper  Men's Get Well Soon Hamper

Cancer Treatment - This is no doubt a physically and emotionally challenging time for patients. Our recovery hampers will help provide support and shows that they are loved and not alone. Our Chemo Care Package gift hamper is a thoughtful gift that can give them encouragement and something positive to focus on during treatment. Designed with luxurious essentials such as a soothing loose leaf herbal tea blend and tea strainer, Aromatherapy Co Rose,Jasmine & Oud Hand Cream, moisturising Evella lip balm, a Geranium & Rosemary Pulse Point to invigorate and restore balance, cute mini nail file set and a cozy cream cable knit snood and beanie set are all practical and helpful to those during their cancer treatment. Other inspiration cancer care gifts can be found within our Get Well gift hampers range.

Chemo Care Package

Cold and Flu - With cold and flu season upon us, some people are hit harder than others and can take a lengthy time to recuperate leading to stresses within family responsibilities, schooling and with the need to take time off with work. The kind gesture of sending an uplifting get well gift box shows support during your work absence and that it is ok to prioritise your recovery first before you return back. Sending our Feel Better Gift Hamper  can help her feel better and show that you care about her well being. The great thing about sending one of our cold and flu care packages is that we have a selection of hamper choices to suit everyone. Our Get Well Soon Gift Hamper is the perfect gender inclusive gift when someone is feeling under the weather. The Breath Easy Shower Steamer is exactly what’s needed to help clear up a blocked nose. Whisk & Pin Trail Mix, Eclipse Paleo Bar and Duck Creek’s Dark Chocolate Macadamias will provide fuel for the body when feeling run down. Our cold and flu care package is completed with a stylish Ecology Tea cup and T2 tea. 

Mental Health and stress - Recovering or struggling with mental health is a sensitive time and is often dealt with fairly privately. Studies have shown that positive emotions and mindset can have a powerful impact and effectiveness on healing. Considering sending a self care hamper would be the ideal gift for support. These types of get well gifts hold psychological benefits when receiving a thoughtful gift hamper with improving mood, reduced stress and appreciation knowing they are in your thoughts. The R U OK Gift Hamper, Relax and Recharge Gift Hamper and our Men’s Self Care Hamper incorporate gifts such as soothing candles and aromatherapy products, soft comforting lounge wear, self care products and sweet treats which are all gifts that will encourage your recipient to take the time for themselves and focus on the importance of self care, self worth and mental well being. 

 Men's Self Care Hamper

Recovery At Home - Recovery at home often follows medical treatment and procedures or hospitalisation. Their recovery journey is completed at home to fully recover and begin to resume normal daily activities. Receiving a gift hamper during this time shows the recipient a sense of hope, provides motivation to remain positive, encouragement to continue their recovery and a reminder that they will have better days ahead.

The Recover At Home Hamper is practical yet comforting with it’s ultra soft plush throw blanket and cozy winter booties or our Home Retreat Pamper Hamper  with added fluffy slippers, soothing candle and a divine bath bomb to help with home recovery. Stylish comfort products found in our get well soon collection such as soothing heat pillows, plush robes, herbal teas, hand creams and body products along with sweet treats and healthy bites all make a significant difference in someone's well being and offer encouragement and motivation to continue their recovery with optimism, patience and determination.

 Home Retreat Pamper Hamper

Men’s Get Well - Over the many years we have seen the need for a greater variety when it comes to mens get well gifts. Our men’s hamper range caters for hospital stays to home recoveries. The Men’s Deluxe Gift Hamper provides the gift of a stylish yet practical sustainable travel cup, non-slip slipper socks, French-milled sandalwood scented soap on a rope, dark roast coffee bags and sweet treats. Our Men’s Pamper Hamper and Men’s Gift Box both are caring gift ideas to help with being a welcomed distraction while on their recovery journey.

Wellness- It is also thoughtful to put into consideration someone's dietary needs when having a get well hamper delivered. Whether they have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or are dairy or gluten intolerant, it will be appreciated to receive a gift that has their dietary needs in mind. Wellness hampers need not be boring. Our Low Sugar Hamper is perfect for a diabetic or for someone who needs to watch their sugar intake. The Dairy and Gluten Free Hamper  caters to both intolerances, making it a very popular choice when choosing a wellness gift hamper. A range of unique and healthy treats found in our Guilt Free Treats Hamper is perfect for those needing to follow a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Regardless of what style of get well gift hamper you are searching for, know that your recipient will truly appreciate the thoughtful consideration that you have put into sending them the perfect gift that shows your support, care and well wishes.

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